Dear O’HAIR Community,

First and foremost; thank you, for reaching out, engaging with us on social media, and continuing to support us through this time! We are looking forward with anticipation to the reopening of the salon and want to give you an idea of what our new normal will look like.

Our number one priority is the safety of our clients and team. Consequently, our scheduling structure and new initiatives will lead to a somewhat different experience.

  • Contact-less Check-in: We ask that you call to check-in for your appointment when you arrive. Please wait in your car and we will call or text you to alert you to come in. There will no longer be boutique seating to maintain social distancing guidelines.


  • Maintaining flow: All entry will be through the front door of our building and all exiting will be through the rear door.


  • NO MASK, NO SERVICE: To perform services, we will require an ear-loop mask. Tie-back masks will not be permitted as service cannot be performed around them. If you do not have access to this type of mask, they will be available for purchase with your service. The O’HAIR team will be provided and required to wear personal protective equipment at all times.


  • Individual Sanitization: Hand sanitizer will be placed around the building, but specifically at the entry and exit points. Please use immediately upon entry.


  • Eliminate cross contamination: All magazines, snacks, candy, and beverage (with the exception of bottled water) will be removed from the premises. While we will continue to provide water, we do ask that you take it with you for disposal.


  • Personal Belongings: You will be provided a storage container that will be disinfected and sanitized between each client that enables you to house jackets, sweaters, purses, etc.


  • Person limit: The directives mandate operation at 50% capacity. This limits the number of technicians, team members, and clients we can have in the building. At this time to ensure we can mitigate risk and follow the guidelines please come alone to your appointments until further notice. If you have a specific situation that is a necessity, please contact us at info@ohairsalon.com when booking opens so that we can access options.


  • Health: Every member of the O’HAIR Team will have their temperature checked upon start of shift. If anyone presents symptoms of any illness they will not be at work. Likewise, entry to the building will require temperature checks by a contactless infrared thermometer; if any level of fever is present, we will reschedule your visit.


  • Robing:  Service caping will be done using 100% recyclable disposable capes. As per our normal protocols, chemical service and esthetic robes are immediately laundered after each client use. This will continue to occur, but we will now have a closed lid laundry basket in the changing rooms. When using robes for chemical services we request a non-collared shirt is worn so robes can go directly over without the need to change.


  • Shopping experience: We ask that all products are handled by our team; ensuring we can maintain our safety protocols. Notify a team member of what you would like, and we will pull and wrap it up for you.


  • Contactless Payment: We will require a credit card on file for all services. Payment can be made using the card on file or by Apple Pay or the like. All receipts will be sent via email. (As a note of reassurance: Credit card storage is completely secure and is not accessible by any member of our team. Once inputted, we cannot edit or see anything but the last four digits. Please know that we have taken all necessary precautions to protect your information). If another payment method is necessary, we will make arrangements on an individual basis; please notify the team upon requesting your appointment.


  • Price Adjustment: Transparency is vital at this unprecedented time. There will be adjustments made across the board due to business closure, safety and sanitation protocols, increase in supply costs, and the reduction in capacity. Our aim; as always, is to be fair, charge based on our time and expertise, and to have all-inclusive pricing.


    • Initial color appointments (including root touch-up and all over color applications) will incur a $50 additional fee. This applies only to the first return visit in which additional time and product will be necessary and will resume normal cost following that appointment. Corrective color, Creative color, and Foiling will be accessed on an individual basis.
  • Late/Cancellation Policy: Our new booking structure will make it incredibly important to take appointments at the scheduled time to ensure flow. Please plan to check-in at minimum 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. Due to social distancing and cleaning protocols we may not be able to provide service if you are later than your scheduled appointment time. Our Cancellation Policy will be held strictly in effect. As a result of decreased capacity, it is more important than ever that you keep your scheduled appointment and if you need to cancel or reschedule you notify us 24 hours prior to your appointment time. If you are later than your scheduled appointment time and cannot be taken, we will consider this a cancellation. If you exhibit COVID-like symptoms within the 24-hour cancellation period, please reschedule as this would be an exception to the policy.


  • Touchless Greetings/Goodbyes: We miss you… Like crazy. We look forward to a time when we can embrace and show our affection for you like we are used to. In the meantime, air hugs and inflight high fives at a socially distant safe zone of 6 feet will have to do.

The nature of our business requires the utmost attention to the set standard of disinfecting and sanitization. Our practices have always surpassed those standards to make certain we are a safe place for our community. We want to assure you that in addition to our existing procedures, our new protocols incorporate measures for social distance and sanitization of all surfaces, tools, and laundry between clients.

We want to assure you we have been readying ourselves for reopening since the moment we closed. We are awaiting guidance from the County and once we receive a directive and timeline, we will open our schedule for appointments. We want to make the process for scheduling as fair and efficient as possible. At this point, most have missed at least one if not more appointments and we totally understand how important it is to get you in quickly. Our team is committed to do whatever we can within the parameters the new regulations and guidance allow. When the time comes, we will communicate the steps to take via social media @ohairsalon and by our email communications. If you have not subscribed to our emails, we recommend doing so through the initial prompt at www.ohairsalon.com. If you follow us on social media, turn on post notifications so that you are immediately notified of any updates. The appointment request system will be held entirely online and on a first come first serve basis. This system will allow us to collect the necessary safety information required for service. Only entirely completed submissions will be eligible for booking. Preferential treatment on an individual level of any kind will not exist. Everyone will have the same access and at the same time to request appointments as our parameters allow. Ability to book dates will coordinate with the time frame in which you missed your last appointment. For example, if you missed an appointment in March you will have a designated date when you can begin appointment requests, April will follow and so on. All existing appointments through the end of the year have been removed from the schedule and will need to be rebooked once you return to the salon.

Please bear with us as we navigate this and know every effort has been made to guarantee ease and efficiency. Universally, we are all under a kind of stress unlike anything we have ever faced. Remember there are humans on the other side of that phone line, desk, station, etc. and our team are there for each other and for you. They will do everything in their power to ensure we take care of you. Because that’s what the #ohairfamily does!

We will update and provide more information as we receive guidance. We appreciate your patience and understanding. We can’t wait to see you!


Stay safe and well,

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Domenic Cicala                                                    Carlin Combs
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To Our O'HAIR Community,

With love,
The O'HAIR Team

To Our O'HAIR Community,

With love, The O'HAIR Team

HELP US... PLEDGE #beautyinwaiting

Thank you for your support!

Thank you for your support!

Thank you for supporting O’HAIR and our effort to help put an end to this pandemic through donating to Direct Relief!

The campaign is now closed. Hats are in production and will begin shipping on May 2nd.

We look forward to be back doing what we love with each one of you as soon as possible! Until then... We pledge to wait with you, you pledge to wait for us!

Put down those scissors, toss aside that at-home color kit, and stand in solidarity with your O'HAIR Team as we all practice #beautyinwaiting

Don't forget post a picture in your hat, tag @ohairsalon, and use #beautyinwaiting and we will send you a little something for your pledge!

Stay safe & healthy! 


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In the beginning it became larger than life, it always has. It seems that we bite off more than we should chew, we tackle a barely surmountable task, we scale the mountain as we raise the height. It all seems to be that inexplicable force that drives the creative soul that is O’HAIR Salon+Spa.


Our salon and spa was created with a view to providing a place where contemporary fashion-forward thinking could exercise its creative edge. Progressive, not prohibitive--from our current neoclassic décor, our eclectic blend of music, the images and videos we display--we stand always” on the edge” but not over it. Each technician is part of a unique team concept, hand-picked and extensively trained. Our team travels to shows, conferences and classes all over the world, constantly learning and educating themselves, bringing the best back to our clients.

Translation: The client can count on receiving a level of service that is unparalleled, regardless of location or technician!

While our mark has been made in hair, we have made the same level of commitment to our skin care services, rounding out the full service of our salon and spa.

And best of all we are NON-TIPPING. We neither expect nor accept tips.